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The Bear Patch Story

 We are mother, Catherine, and daughter, Sarah, who spend a lot of time of in a little red cottage in the Swedish countryside.

One of our big passions here in life is to sew. We make all kinds of things; clothes, curtains, soft toys, things for the home, dolls etc.. but up until a few years ago neither of us had made a quilt.

 So, when Sarah was expecting her first child we made up our minds to make a quilt for the baby. It was a very simple little quilt but it was enough to get us well and truly hooked. We even started a little quilting group (“the quilt bugs”) in Växjö so we could meet other people just like ourselves. We bought patterns from all over the world and sewed at every available moment. After a time we started to discover that there weren’t that many patterns in Swedish (not everyone in Sweden understands English well enough to follow a pattern) or with Swedish designs. As Sarah likes to doodle and draw we started to make up our own patterns with more Swedish motifs. Then other people started showing an interest in our patterns and the idea for The Bear Patch was born.

 And here we are! Our own patterns in Swedish and English with mostly Swedish motifs. We hope that you are going to like them as much as we do. You may notice that a few patterns for dolls have snuck in too but that can’t be helped. Sarah has always been crazy about making dolls and even though she now is the mother of two little girls ( who incidentally do not play with dolls) she still loves to make them!