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Cuddles & Snuggles

Code: VRM 05 01E

Wheat warmer.
 Finished length ca: 35" (88 cm)

Price: 65 kr


 Pyjama Girls

Code: BAG 05 01E

A Pyjama bag. Ca 20" (50 cm.)

Price: 55 kr


Bag Lady

Code: BAG 04 01E

Bag to store plastic shopping bags in

Length  22" (55 cm)

Price: 55 kr


 Mouse Bag

Code: MUS 04 01E

Bag with mouse head, legs, arms  and tail

Length  18" (45 cm)

Price: 55 kr



Code: DOL 04 01E

Pattern for 7 different dolls

Length  20" (50 cm)

Price: 89 kr



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