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How do I order?

Our order form is currently not working but we are trying to fix it. So for the time being, just email us!

You can fill in the order form on line and send it to us via e-mail.
You can e-mail us at

When we receive your order we will confirm your order via email and calculate the actual postage cost since the pattern weight varies considerably.

This is approximately the cost of postage:

Within Europe

Outside of Europe

1 pattern 24 Kr 1 pattern 24 Kr
2-4 patterns 48 Kr 2-4 patterns 50 Kr
5-8 patterns 75 Kr 5-8 patterns 80 Kr


We send you a "Paypal" invoice.
When we receive your order we send you confirmation and a "Paypal" invoice via your e.mail. You can then pay this with your credit card on Paypal's secure site.
You do NOT send us your credit card number and you do NOT need to open a "Paypal" account.

We will send your patterns to you as soon as we receive your payment. If any pattern should be out of stock we will inform you immediately. Depending upon where you live  the package could take up to a couple of weeks to reach you.

Please note we do NOT pass on your personal information to anyone!

If your pattern has been damaged during transport, please return it to us and we will replace it with a new one. We do not otherwise accept returned patterns.


Calculate the cost of your order in your own currency